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Isaiah: The book that I chose to write about is Isaiah, who has been indicated to be the son of Amoz. The date that the book of Isaiah was written was in 740-680 BC. During this period, the time frame in which the book was written evolved around the Babylonian and Assyrian era. Isaiah composed the book about 700 BC., but this has been a topic of controversy stating that there could be several originations of the book. Different references that has been considered accurate and acceptable of the New Testament corroborates Isaiah’s creation of all parts of the book. Isaiah has been called the “Prince of the Prophets” and the “Shakespeare of Israel” because of his unique prophecies. Isaiah visioned that a child would be born onto us which would be referred to as the “Prince of Peace”, who would be our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He used poetry and other literary structures to convey his messages and minister to God’s people. He was considered to be a very knowledgeable, spiritual, and authoritative man of God. God chose Isaiah to become prophet in the year of King Uzziah’s death. Is...
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