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Let us start with this statement: I believe that new preachers and new people to the Christian Faith try hard to avoid the Old Testament. If they do, they only look at one section and struggle to connect all the pieces together. One of the issues that makes people uncomfortable is the prophets. First, there is a definite volume of them, and then they are divided into “major” and “minor.” I think at the core of our hearts, we are trying to understand the difference among the different biblical prophets. I was lucky enough to help with a church-based musical group for high school students that toured each summer when I was in my 20s. A couple of the musicals were based on the Old Testament prophets, so I know some of the stories well. It…show more content…
Back in Abraham’s day, God promised him that he would make a great nation for him. From that promise, two beginnings of messianic prophecy would take shape. One would emphasize the glorious future of the Kingdom of Israel, and the other would speak to the coming work of the Messiah, portraying him not as a reigning king but as a suffering servant who would be slain on behalf of his people.
My call to ministry came in response to a question from the book of Isaiah: “When I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’” (Isaiah 6:8 NIV). Isaiah’s book is one of the more quoted books of the New Testament in Jewish history. The book speaks of the coming of Jesus and his second coming. It also talks about the prophecy on the fall of Babylon. Most of the prophets had visions, as did Isaiah.
The book is an account of the past of the Jewish people. It is powerful in its ability to foretell the future. Isaiah is a book, much like Jeremiah from our previous assignment that calls out to God and questions why things are unjust. People at times wonder if God has left themor no one or nothing is in actual control—these are questions that are being asked today. The answer today is the same as yesterday—Isaiah reminds us that we are limited in our true understanding of God’s ways and
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After this moment, we believe God then became silent for over 400 years, which makes this an interesting time for God’s chosen people. Having survived national defeat and being scattered, Malachi asserts that they cannot carry on without leaders who follow the true ways of the Lord. The prophetic nature of Malachi is shown in chapter 3, where even though the people have been complacent in their sins, the Lord still sends his messenger to prepare his way before him. It will be done suddenly; those who are wicked will have immediate justice served upon them, and the righteous will be

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