The Bible: The Most Important Book Of The Bible

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Bible comes from the Latin word biblia meaning group or collection of books. When the word “Bible” is heard many think of the Christian Bible, however, it is not the only one. It is, still, very prominent. Given this acknowledgment the Christian Bible is the most important book of the Christian faith. Despite a unity between the many books there is debate on which should be included for the proper worship and instruction from God. Different interpretations have led to some of these disagreements which also led to sects forming and creating a bible under that particular group’s beliefs. Due to this the Christian Bible has undergone different kinds of changes since its creation. History Creation Due to the multiple changes it is hard to pinpoint exactly when the Bible was established. The date and time frame depends on what is considered the creation. The books that were selected for the official publication were written over thousands of years. Even at that they were not collected and approved at the same time. Originally the scriptures were handed down orally. Each generation would tell the next who would continue to…show more content…
The Pentateuch tells the stories of the beginnings. This is of the world, humankind, and God’s promise to the Israelites (Genesis 1-50) ¬. The Former Prophets contain the history of the Israelites. This spans from Moses’s death to the fall of the nation in 587 B.C. The Writings are a collection of narratives, such as the Book of Esther. Many are books of poetry and wisdom (Bible: The Old Testament). The Latter Prophets are thought by some Christians to be older than the Former Prophets. The narratives include Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the Twelve Minor Prophets. These prophets saw the coming of a Messiah, meaning anointed one. This man would be a king, and usher in a golden era of peace and
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