Old Public Administration Case Study

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Development of Old Public Administration (OPA) to New Public Management (NPM) have affected governmental and bureaucracy systems in some countries. Bureaucracy systems in the beginning were indicated as corrupt, slowly, costly, and inefficient. There were improvement in the bureaucracy system after NPM came to bring new ‘soul’ for the system. NPM paradigm is an approach in public administration that apply business and other principles to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and performance of public services in a modern bureaucracy. A country with governmental systems has two objectives, in specifically to improve the quality of life for its citizens and in generally to give happiness to the people who live in it. NPM as
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The consequences are regional autonomy as decentralized implementation units and can act as a service centre, increasing administrative efficiency through the implementation of public service on a competitive basis, the budget allocation based on output (services, law enforcement and the results/outcomes) rather than on inputs (personnel and equipment), the decentralization of decision-making to make it more responsive to the needs of the community, increased performance and cost effectiveness, treat people as customers, both internally from other government agencies or externally from members of the public so that public services can run prime. New Public Management is mainly applied not only in countries with high levels of prosperity such as the UK, Sweden, or New Zealand, but also in countries with similar levels condition like Indonesia such as India, Thailand or Jamaica. Application of New Public Management in Indonesia can be seen from the application practice characteristics that being carried out by the government agencies in Indonesia. New Public Management has been tried to be applied in the Regional Government (Provinces), which is in line with the implementation of regional autonomy in Indonesia in 2004. It could be said, that the application of the New Public Management have a positive impact in some things., for example, increase the efficiency and productivity…show more content…
Some of the main characters of New Public Management (NPM): a) Focus on the management not policy b) Clear standards and performance indicators against which the achievement c) Focusing on results (output and outcome) is not a procedure d) Competition in the public service (contract, tender, mechanism of monetary incentives and freedom in public sector management practices). NPM global movement that hit many developing countries, need to be observed and scrutinized whether NPM is appropriate to be applied by developing countries, including Indonesia. The application of the NPM concept in some countries both developed and developing countries is also quite varied and highly influenced by local context each

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