Of Motivation, Creative Thinking, And The Causes Of Stress In Organizational Performance

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Clear understanding of motivation, creative thinking, and the causes of stress on the job can be used to inform decision making and improve organization performance. Motivation is critical in an organization such as knowledge of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and motivating factors because they are essential in improving organization performance. If motivation is not present then individuals lack in performance and stress may become present because pressure from organizational need are not met. Understanding sources of stress is also relevant in decision making and organization performance because those barriers can be eliminated or how sources of stress can be a benefit in decision making and performance. When knowledge of stress or barriers…show more content…
During the interview process, interviewers always ask “How well do you work under stress”. Well, that question is asked because individual stress can be detrimental or helpful to the performance of the organization. When needs are not being met stress arise. Stress can be either positive (eustress) or negative (distress) depending on the individual. Some sources that influence stress include the level of need, strength of motivation, and the degree of attachment to the desired goal. According to Denhardt, Aristigueta (2012), stress can cost us our relationships with others, make us accident prone, and affect us psychologically just to name a few. Another source of stress consist of role conflict in which personal needs conflict with role demand, or compliance with one role makes it impossible to comply with another role (Denhardt, Aristigueta). Role conflict may make an individual act in a way that is aggressive, or make them withdraw or change their personal values. There are various other stress factors, but personal factors can also spillover in our professional lives because our behavior are liable to change therefore, organizations need to recognize those in distress to alleviate potential issues within the…show more content…
According to Denhardt, Aristigueta (2012), perspectives on creativity can be as a trait, cognitive skills and ability, behavior, or process. To achieve creativity, a problem must be defined, one must be motivated and stress must be positive. Fostering creativity allow new ideas which create a unique outcome because everyone is different. It should be understood that being artistic, eccentric, or mentally unusual is not a key factor to creativity. Instead, it is a process that includes preparation, concentration, incubation, illumination, and verification (Denhardt, Aristigueta). Preparation is first in the creative process because it consist of defining the problem, gathering information, and thoroughly investigating. The second step is concentration and it consist of the person’s motivation. Without motivation, important information will be missed, and the individual will be blindsided by the lack of concentration. The third step to the creative process is the incubation stage which is the unconscious phase because it is the reordering of information gathered in the first stage. Relaxation is the key in this stage because the subconscious work and ideas takes it course. Next is the illumination stage in which the individual comes up with a final solution or idea. Verification is the final stage of the creative process. It includes testing,
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