Objectives And Objectives Of Operation Management In The Business Industry

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To begin with, I would like to emphasise the fact that operation management in the business industry is very important. Operation management is the management of the process that produce or deliver services or goods. It essential to say that the organisations transmit the input into output. Interestingly operation management has two aims, firstly the supply chain management which is the management of the interconnection of organisation that relate to each other through upstream and downstream linkages between the process. It is produce value to ultimate customer in the form of products and services. The second one is logistics, logistics in the process that an organisation make in order to get the correct materials with perfect quality to the right customers or places. As the result of this transformation business management has four characteristics: VOLUME- VARIETY – VARIATION – VISIBILITY. Furthermore there are five operations performance …show more content…

Inbound logistics is considering with products that are moving into a firm rather than away from it. As regards the inbounds activities are the activities that are involving in receiving, storing and disseminating inputs. Outbound logistics have the same activities but there are responsible for business output. Based on NIKE’s inbound logistics, there are many distribution centres all over the world in order to cover the delivery of NIKE’s products to stores more efficiently and successfully. Also, NIKE sells their products to retail accounts that are independent distributors and licensees, it sells their product at United States and at more than one hundred and sixty countries all over the world. Interestingly the biggest retail account that sells NIKE’s products is footlocker which accounts ten percent of NIKE’s sales all over the world. Another one distribution method that NIKE is using are the outlets stores which are known as NIKE factory

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