Nutritional Analysis

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Interpretation of results. Nutritional assessment: Objectives: Understand the multiple causes of the nutrition problem and the effects of population level poor nutrition. Analyze the characteristics of a good indicator of nutritional status and determine the correlation of different types of indicators. Develop skills in the use of methods, techniques and measurement tools for obtaining these anthropometric data. Recognize the different biochemical tests to assess nutritional status. Identify clinical signs associated with major nutritional problems. Assess the importance of surrogate markers in the evaluation of nutritional status of a community. Acquire skills in obtaining food consumption data through dietary surveys. Analyze the relationship nutrition - infection and recognize economics socio-cultural factors that influence nutritional status. Develop skills in elaboration the diagnosis of nutritional status of a population. Program: General: I. Nutritional assessment: General. Epidemiological concepts. Normal nutritional status and its var...

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