Hunger in America

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As the world population grows so does the amount of people that live without the proper amount of nutrition and food. Hunger in America can be hard to recognize and many people do not realize that hunger and malnutrition is a problem that many Americans face every day. America is the land of plenty and one of the most powerful and wealthy countries in the world, however is well known that is subject to problem such as starvation, considered as “third-world problem”. For decades, Americans have gone above and beyond to aid other countries that were faced with problems such as malnutrition and hunger. Sadly, the US has failed to aid them and millions are currently suffering from hunger. In addition, with how the economy is now, the effects of hunger are getting worse every day. Many Americans are relying and most of them depend on food stamps and private organizations to help with this crisis. The documentary, “A Place at the Table” by Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush present some issues and real life story to explain what is really happening and how hunger and obesity are not problems on opposite ends of a spectrum, but are in fact intricately linked. Poor nutrition, health problem and poverty are all related. At the end, many people may not recognize this problem and maybe the hunger problem that the United States faces may not be as dramatic as in comparison to other countries, but this is only another reason to find and create solutions to stop hunger worldwide; It’s time to educate ourselves about the causes of hunger in America. Many people believe that the problems associated with hunger are limited to a small part of society and certain areas of the country, but the reality is much different. In many ways, America is the... ... middle of paper ... ...nd the problem is the so-called “junk food.” Marion Nestle, a writer and nutrition health professor, states that "The relative price of fresh fruits and vegetables has gone up by 40 percent since 1980, while the relative price of processed foods has gone down by about 40 percent. We're spending $20 billion a year on agricultural subsidies for the wrong foods.” It is important to remember that all this is happening in one of the most endowed nations ever and where tons of food are wasted and thrown away daily. Forty percent of food is thrown out in the US every year. This amount of food worth about $165 billion and is prove that it could feed approximately 25 million Americans. Clearly, United States hunger problems are not caused by a lack of food, they are rooted in poverty and like many aspect in life we cannot address one without also trying to solve the other.
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