Nutrition Analysis of my Diet Journal

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In my Diet Journal, I recorded all the food I ate over the weekend with the best accuracy I could attempt to do. But one of the factors that made my food diary inaccurate was that I couldn’t find every detail and percentage of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins in everything I ate. Also, all of the amounts and servings were approximations, not exact amounts. I was able to record everything I ate, but accuracy may have been affected by estimations and sources. The calorie intake I had over the three day period ranged from 1900-2500 calories. This was over my 1800 BMR, due to the food choices and fluctuation in diet. I am 5’4’’ tall and weigh 110 pounds. I also have a BMI of 18.88. On the American/Caucasian standard of BMI, I would be considered a low BMI. How ever, because Asians tend to be smaller, this BMI of 18.88 would be considered normal based on Asian standards Last year, I was 5’2’ and about 100 pounds, which gives me a BMI of approximately 18.1. It makes sense that I have gained weight. The increase in weight and height can be seen in the record of my diet. I have consumed ...

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