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Three-Day Diet Analysis After completing my three-day diet analysis, my overall report on food groups and calories showed that I have consumed ½ oz of whole grains, I cup of starchy vegetables, ¼ cup of fruit juice, 5oz of seafood, 2 ½ oz of meat, poultry, and eggs, 287 calories of empty calories, 147 calories of solid fats and 140 calories of add sugars. I noticed that I did not consume the right amount of fruits and vegetables, 0 cups of dairy, and consumed too much empty calories. To make my results appear better, I need to modify my results on how much food I consumed, list the food I have consumed, and list the functions of the nutrient rich food I consumed and what I need to consumed. There are different ways that I can modify my food…show more content…
So for eggs I have been eaten for breakfast is very high of protein and orange juice is high in vitamin C. The cereal that I normally eat would be tootie fruities has essential vitamins such as vitamin a, calcium, and iron. Sometimes for breakfast I would eat plain toast which is high in carbohydrates or add cinnamon which is good for yeast infections, lowering cholesterol, reduce inflammation and fight bacteria . For lunch, I would eat my meats such as meatloaf which is good for protein along with brown gravy on top. With that I would eat mashed potatoes which is loaded with carbohydrates and sometimes I will eat two hot dogs even though the weeners is high in sodium which can cause high blood pressure and the buns are considered carbohydrates. For beverage during lunch, sometimes sweet tea which can be unhealthy since it has sugar and maybe fruit punch which is nothing but mix of fruit, water and sugar. In conclusion, my experience with the 3 day diet analysis was really tough to handle because I should have made the right amount nutrients that was based on the food groups. Instead, I could have level out the right oz or cups of food that I was supposed to

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