My Career Goals To Becoming A Registered Nurse

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Goals for me are given opportunities for a lifetime. As I work towards my goals in life I have realized they help me grow as a person. I am a young lady who is balancing life and organizing as things come my way. I take initiative when it comes to projects and solving a problem. I enjoy giving back to my community by doing community service such as: working at the hospital, raising books for Africa, and cleaning my neighborhood. One day I will incorporate my primary goals and community service projects into one as I reach my major goal to become a Registered Nurse. As a Registered Nurse I can change the world with one patient at time. Becoming a Registered Nurse at Atlanta Technical College will take two years and a half years. The nursing profession requires higher levels of education and there are different specialties. Specialties are the area nurses work and are trained in depth to practice, such as geriatrics and psychiatric. This program will allow me to incorporate my community service skills into…show more content…
My plan B is to be Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or a biology teacher. The thing about my backup plans are that I enjoy helping others and I also like teaching others. Since I already have my CNA license I have experience working in the hospitals and nursing home. The main thing I have learned from working in these environments are that you have to be passionate about people and you have to like people. I would like to combine some of my plan A with my plan B because I would like to teach as a Nurse. As I study hard to become a nurse, I would like to teach future nurses the importance of fundamentals of nursing. In other words, if I cannot become a nursing teacher I would like to become a grade school teacher. I will enjoy teaching sciences that would help the elementary children minds grow. Experiments are fun and exciting and also helpful to anyone’s
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