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My name is Maribel Avila-Tovalin, and I am interested in the Masters of Nursing program at Metropolitan State University. I chose this program because I want to be fully prepared in order to provide care to patients in a variety of settings. I have been a medical assistant for 5 years, in those five years I have worked with geriatric, pediatric and gynecology patients. I’ve really enjoyed every aspect of the variety of patients that I have encountered; I’ve seen the need for true holistic and individual care. I’ve held many sweet relationships with patients throughout the years and keep those very close to heart. In working in these different departments I came to the realization that I wanted that patient relationship even more so, I wanted to make a difference; I decided to become a nurse. I am a single mother of three very beautiful children. I hope to set an example for them that they can achieve whatever goal they set in their life no matter what life throws at them. It has been a difficult road and at times even discouraging but I believe to be a determined person who has dreams and goals to become all that I can while making a difference. I also want to be able to offer my children a stable future and life; with the demand and need for nurses, I believe I can accomplish that. Desiring to be a nurse has been a great aspiration of mine, as I get closer, I am very proud of what I have accomplished thus far and look forward to what’s in store, working for my MSN is only the beginning as this has become a passion for me. Being a nurse means more than just someone who cares for the sick but someone who holds the passion to do it. Working in the medical field has proven to be more of a reward than a task. It has enabled me with v... ... middle of paper ... ... step by step, mindful of others, flexible, yet enduring until the goal is achieved. It is with this tenacity and sense of purpose that I will apply myself to the MSN degree program at Metro State University. Patients are able to receive the best care if the nurses are able to pay thorough attention to each and every patient. Therefore, because of the shortage of nurses, nursing will provide me a plethora of chances to interact with patients in order to offer them my undivided attention and caring assistance. I also came to know that diverse fields exist in nursing such as pediatric, geriatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. Upon learning these facts about nursing, my interest peaked because nursing would provide me an array of areas to select from, and yet, no matter what area I chose, I would have plenty of opportunities to fulfill the medical needs of patients.

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