Nursing Job Outline: Basics Of Being A Nurse

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Haifa Ahmed ENG 120 B09 “Step 1: Research Project” November 5, 2017 “Research Paper Outline” I. Introduction a. Whether it is knowledge, integrity, success or accomplishment, being a nurse stands as a symbol for all. b. Satisfaction of being capable to save someone's life and seeing their smile in a situation is my whole life. c. Nursing is a challenging and rewarding job. d. Although being a nurse is more than just having a career or even a good salary. It's about a heart that has been touched countless times from caring and giving time to patients from all backgrounds, no matter what race, sex or religion they have. II. Job Overview (educate reader about the basics): a. The educational requirement to become a nurse involves attending a college that offers a nursing program. Obtaining associates of science degree that takes two years or a bachelor’s of science degree that takes four years which is required to work in the nursing field and includes additional clinical training experience in non-hospital settings. Must past the NCLEX (National Counsel Licensure Examination) to receive their license. b.…show more content…
The work environment is at hospitals, physicians’ offices, home healthcare services, and nursing care facilities. Others work in schools or outpatient clinics, or serve in the military. Responsibilities are observing and monitoring patients' conditions. From administering medicine to cleaning bed pans, nurses do what needs to be done to make their patients as healthy and happy as possible. c. Clientele served with a level of care that is unmatched by almost any other profession. Nurses look after their patients and make sure that they’re being properly taken care of to ensure the quickest recovery time

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