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The field of nursing is a career that has interested me for years now. It has become a very popular specialty of healthcare to go into each year for many adults. After working in healthcare at Marietta Memorial Hospital for a few months in the lab and the rest as an ER technician, I have come to the conclusion that I want to make the next step in my career and pursue to become a registered nurse as a profession. My father has been my biggest influence for me to pursue registered nursing as a lifelong career. He passed away this past May from strokes, and for the past few years I would help take care of him, make sure he would take his medications, and educate him on what would go on at his doctor 's appointments and what was going on when…show more content…
Being able to take care of people is something that I wanted to do as a job when I was a child. As a child my parents bought me toy doctor kit. My father has been a diabetic since he was a kid and I would always do a check up with my toys and I always said he would be okay. I 've always been interested in healthcare since I was a young boy because I would be able to take care of and help people who are ill. Throughout this past year when my father was in the nursing home and in the hospital, I would learn what was going on with my dad from a medical level and then talking to him he would not be able to understand due to his dementia and I would be able to explain things to him so he could understand. The aspect of everything going on and talking to him about so he would not be more worried or upset made him feel more better and relaxed. Having the ability to do that with the patients I come in contact with each day is very rewarding to do that each and everyday. The more I do that the more I learn for myself and the patients I help take good care of…show more content…
There are endless possibilities in which someone can work as a registered nurse. From the hospital to nursing home, there are many institutions and specialities to work as a registered nurse. In a rural area, there are a few hospitals that have the basic necessities to function, numerous nursing homes, and some urgent care facilities. In a urban area, or big city scene, there would be a lot of big universitiy hospitals with a lot more specialities than a rural city would have such as level 1 trauma care to neonatal intensive care and still have all the nursing homes and urgent cares. If one career doesn 't seem as exciting or fulfulling as thought of before, one can pursue to work in a different specialty or different setting instead of an acute care setting to a physician 's office setting. Also one can further themselves in their career by working in a rural level 3 trauma center emergency department here in Marietta, Ohio and want to further their career and education by moving up to Columbus, Ohio and working at Grant at a Level 1 trauma center. Having the opportunity to advance my career and go on the limb and work in a field that can further myself and learn something new everyday is another reason I want to become a registered
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