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As I reflected on the education that I have participated in the last two years I am anxious for the conclusion and the completion of my Bachelor of Nursing Science (BSN). I have long anticipated the completing of my BSN. Twenty plus years ago I was accepted into the University of Washington nursing program, but was third on the waitlist. Unfortunately, I did not move off the waitlist to start in the BSN program. Thus, I am at my finalization of my original goal, which is an achievement for me. The program at Seattle Pacific University has been challenging in ways that I had not expected. Organizing my time at home with school assignments while working and fulfilling obligations to family, household, and finances has been somewhat of a…show more content…
It has been my observation that people become uncomfortable when sharing ideas or beliefs that challenge their existing points of view. I have found it useful to notice spiritual commonality and share on that basis in clinical and educational settings. Professional Development Plan As a nurse I am continually learning new information. The medical field has new technologies ongoingly. My career plan for the next one to five years is pursuing knowledge. I plan to study and pass the certificated ambulatory Peri-anesthesia (CAPA) examination by the end of 2016. I will expand myself by securing a per-diem position in the Urgent Care at Group Health. This will add to my proficiency in nursing, which is a value of mine. In addition there are several continuing education (CE) classes that I am interested in attending. I am focused on eating nutritionally and how improper diet effects health. I am not sure that the general public has the habits to sustain healthy outcomes. I am completing a nutrition course after I secure my BSN. I plan to complete the testing of this course by June 2017. Being able to contribute to a patient’s general health status is an immense part of nursing. It is why nursing is of interest to me, educating a patient to make healthy choices and altering their lives for better

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