Nuclear Energy Problem

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Nuclear energy is a source of power. The history begins on November 8,1895. A man named Wilhelm Rontgen discovered it in his laboratory, when he saw a luminescent screen near a cathode tube.(Jeffrey Vohlers). Nuclear Energy could be good or bad thing, it could solve many problems, but also bring up new problems. One of the biggest risk in nuclear energy is nuclear meltdown.This is very bad because it could harm water supply. The problem that is being addressed is how nuclear energy affects the environment. Nuclear energy is energy released when enduring the process of nuclear fission or fusion; these processes are used to generate electricity. The problem with nuclear energy is during the lifespan of nuclear facilities, greenhouse gases are emitted during the construction, when the uranium ore is being mined and processed, and when the waste is being treated. The greenhouse gases that are being emitted from nuclear power can resort to the problem of global warming. Water vapor from the nuclear reactors can cause global warming because the vapor increases the Earth’s atmosphere temperature which causes the Earth to be warmer and the possibility of precipitation and clouds.(Blanket) during the lifecycle of nuclear facilities carbon dioxide is being emitted as well. During the lifecycle a nuclear reactor emits sixty six grams per kilowatt-hour of electricity. Nuclear power emits more greenhouse gases than renewable energy, for example biomass produces forty one grams per kilowatt hour.(Killie) Nuclear energy has been producing power for several decades in America. The existence of global warming has been around since the 1800’s but has come into a stronger view during the 1950’s. The first nuclear reactor was the Chicago Pile 1 (CP-1... ... middle of paper ... World Nuclear Association, November 2013. Web. 5 November 2013. N.p. “Outline History of Nuclear Energy." World Nuclear Association. World Nuclear Association, 10 2010. Web. 10 Oct 2010. . N.p. “Transport of Radioactive Materials.” World Nuclear Association, n.p. Web. 11 November 2013. N.p. “What’s Energy Efficiency?” Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, n.p. Web. 7 November 2013. N.p. “What is Renewable Energy?” Penn State Extension, n.p. Web. 5 November 2013.

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