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IGN (In Game Name): Castinq Age: 14 turning 15 in May. (Mature) Timezone: United States Eastern Standard Time Country: United States Do you have a good quality mic?: It is a alright microphone. Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: Yes I have TeamSpeak but I don't have Telegram but I can install it if it is needed. How many hours can you put in the server per week: Around 20-22 hours a week on average. Any previous punishments on Faithful?: I have never been banned off of Faithful. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any past experiences in being a staff member: Administration Experiences: My Administration experiences weren't exactly HCF like …show more content…

One of these reason's is that I love helping people and the server out. When I can make someone happy, it's not only making them happy, but me as well. Helping just comes natural to me and I don't really know why. I've been like that as a kid too. I wouldn't say I'm a brainiac in school but I excel in my classes. But when someone needs tutoring or help, I'm always the first one to say "I will." And the same applies for Minecraft. Another reason why I decided to apply today is because, I love Faithful's community and server as a whole. MaverickYT introduced me to this great and supporting community. You know some HCF server's, people can be not as nice as they could be. And people on this server, think differently. I don't know what makes the people on here above any other server. My last and final reason is that, the community is starting to become toxic. It's not completely toxic, I'm just saying it's starting to get there. Even though there are some really nice and giving people on Faithful, there is always a bad part to all things. And I really want to fix this. Me being able to help out and try to bring positivity to the server, is what I've been trying to do forever. And me being a staff member can maybe get my word out there. Thank you for letting me apply for staff. And I hope to see some …show more content…

I understand it isn’t easy & that simple, but if I just concentrate & think about every step I do then it shouldn’t be that hard of a job. I am dedicated, yes I am. When I get on, I stay on. I don’t just leave in the first 10 minutes. I work hard, sweat hard then take a break. Then go back to work, & the flow goes. Patience: I’m not the type of person who expects that he’ll get promoted the first 1-2 weeks. I will be patient. Patience is key. Patience must be your number one priority. If I work hard, & believe in my self then I know that getting promoted is something easy. This application might get denied. But, patience. I’ll re-apply after 2 weeks & put even more details the next time. It isn’t hard at all, just play the waiting game. That’s how I think of it. Trust - Worthiness: I’m the type of person who you can trust. I won’t let anyone down. If I get the opportunity to be a staff member on Faithful that means the person who hired me actually trusts me & believes that I’ll do a good job. I won’t do anything stupid like tping people around,

In this essay, the author

  • Asks castinq if they have a good quality microphone, telegram & teamspeak, and how many hours can they put in the server per week.
  • Narrates how their administration experiences were not hcf-like but they were still experiences. they were administrators on ultimapvp and crossprison.
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