Norm Norma Jean 's Mother

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Gladys Pearl Monroe Baker was Norma Jean’s mother. She was born in 1902 in Mexico. Growing up, she was left in foster care, because her parents were unable to raise her. This stemmed from Gladys ' own struggle with mental illness, a condition her mother also suffered from. Gladys was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. During her early years, she was left in the care of people who told her at a young age that they were not her parents. Gladys was married during her teen years to her first husband. Her second marriage ended just before Norma Jean was born June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. Also seeing another man on the side it alluded to the mystery of Norma’s father. Neither of the men were involved in Norma Jean’s life. Gladys worked in the film industry and wasn 't willing to giver her career up. Norma then came to live with the Bolenders. The same people who raised Gladys. she lived with them for seven years. Gladys would pop up to visit Norma on the weekends without knowing she was her mother. She was never a constant in her life. Gladys tried to raise Norma herself, but with the stress from raising her during the Great Depression, her son dying, and grandfather committing suicide she was emotionally unstable. At age seven, her mom was institutionalized. The Bolenders attempted to adopt Norma, but her mom wouldn 't allow it. They were Christian Scientists and lived a strict lifestyle. She was then put into foster care. Norma’s years in foster care carried with it abuse from of multiple men while in their care. She was reported to have been molested at the young age of eight and was subjected to numerous accounts of sexual abuse by different men. Seeking to escape the foster care system, she married her fi... ... middle of paper ... ...zed unconsciousness. Targeting their defense mechanisms or internal conflicts. This approach to psychotherapy analyzes the historical reasons why the patient has "turned anger inwards against the self" and becoming depressed. This focuses on the patient 's past. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy for major depression usually continues with one or more weekly visits for several years. In the form of psychotherapy is the most time-intensive and expensive of all the psychotherapies. There is a surprising lack of any scientific research done on the effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for major depression. A modified form of this technique, short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy, has yet to be scientifically proven effective. This assignment (paper) represents my own work. I have not incorporated into this assignment (paper) any unacknowledged material from the work.
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