Discussing the Four Main Methods of Psycho Therapy

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Have you ever needed to conduct psycho therapy on someone but you didn’t know how? Fear no more, because I am about to tell you about the 4 main methods of therapy, which will let you help your friends and relatives in ways that you never thought possible before. The four types of therapy I will be talking about today are psychoanalytical, humanistic, cognitive, and behavioral. You may want to determine what method best suits you, or what method will best suit the situation you or your friend is faced with. The psychoanalytical method involves just that, analyzing the psyche. When using this method, your goal would be to replace a person’s self detrimental behavior with positive behavior that will help them reach their personal goals of normality. You may also wish to reduce their inappropriate feelings of anxiety and guilt, leading them to more feelings of happiness and joy. There are 3 techniques used in this method of therapy, and they are free association, dream analysis, and transference. Free association involves letting the patient relax and say whatever comes to mind, revealing what they are really thinking in their subconscious. Dream analysis involves analyzing the contents of dreams, which can also be broken down into the manifest content and the latent content. Manifest content is the apparent images and scenes that the patient remembers and is describing from the dream, while latent content is the actual meanings behind the manifest content. Transference is the concept that because the analyst listens to the patient so much and relates to them, they become a sort of parent figure to the patient, and the analyst can use this to their benefit by asking questions only a parent could ask. This has been the psych... ... middle of paper ... ...tized to it. Aversive conditioning involves replacing an old, positive response to a stimulus with a new, negative one. An example of this is instead of feeling relaxed after smoking a cigarette, a therapist might make a patient feel another negative emotion like embarrassment or fear. The last method of behavioral therapy is operand conditioning, which has been used for years and is simply rewarding someone for good behavior and withdrawing the reward for bad. In conclusion, after reading this essay you should be better able to help your friends and loved ones with the problems they may face through the use of psycho therapy. You should be able to pick one or more of the four types of therapy and choose one that is right for you and your personality, combined with the situation you are faced with. Who knows, you might even become famous for your talents someday.

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