The Importance Of Reading And Writing: Superman And Me

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Although it has only been 2 weeks that I have been attending in this writing course, I have already expanded my knowledge greatly and gained plenty of courage in a very little time period. I am not an avid reader, nor do I ever bother to take my own time to go out and pick up or buy a book, but throughout the weeks, I have been assigned to read a new article every week, and each article has made me realize the power and potential reading has to a single person. How it can change someone’s life drastically. I mostly enjoyed reading “The Importance of the Act of Reading” by Paulo Freire, “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, and “All Writing is Autobiography” by Donald M. Murray. In Alexie’s article I’ve come up with questions while reading. “How did the author’s motivation and compassion for his peers help him guide his future?” and “Why did the author motivate his peers to read?” In “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me,” Sherman Alexie explains how he achieved…show more content…
Murray uses his own past events in his childhood and creates poems and short stories. In this article, Murray explains realizes that he seeks for understanding and compassion in his own writing. This explaination by Murray really opened up to me how writing is more than just simply a way to express yourself through words, it is a way to tell a story in each word that you write. It is a way to find yourself and how you’ve become what you are today and how writers begin to understand themselves after reading their own work. Another thing Murray states was that throughout a period of time, a writer can completely change people’s mind and creativity just by his/her diction that he/she
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