New dimension of Social Networking:

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New dimension of social networking, Today social media is dominating almost everything; social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace, etc are cashing a big fortune by providing people platforms to connect with each other. Thanks to these sites, one can easily connect with their friends who are somehow now living far away from you, or are too busy to meet personally. Now you can connect with them anytime you want, share your life incidents and various things with them. Today almost every aspect of our lives is affected with such social networking sites. People are using such sites for almost everything, so some innovators thought to make such a platforms which can be used for education and learning, to help educators and students to connect with each and help them to share their knowledge and wisdom with each other. a unique platform, which works like just another social networking site, designed and developed with the vision and target to provide a platform, a place where one teacher or student can connect with their teachers/students or oth...

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