New Life in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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On October 2nd, early morning, a flight from JFK International Airport landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was one of the passengers. At the altitude of 25000 feet, the view I saw was indescribable. I never saw anything like it before. The lights brightly shining upward from the ground, small green trees and the lengthy curved dark roads. It was a dark calm moonless evening. I didn’t expect the scenery to be this spectacular. I was speechless for a moment. As the plane slowly descended to a lower altitude, I took off my seatbelt quickly, eager to see the extent of the view. I stood up excitedly to see the whole scenery. When it landed, I eagerly grabbed the items and went out of the plane. The smell of air was different here. It was cold mountain fresh air. Before all I’m familiar with is air pollution. That day, I knew it was a lot different here. I went to the airport; it was clean, quiet and empty. This was nothing of what I expected. It is the total opposite of where I grew up. Yet, I felt as if nothing mattered, all I know is that I am keen to see the spectacular scenery I recently saw. I was too exited that it didn't took us long to take the baggage. Then we went to the custom checks. It took two agonizing hours. Yet, it didn’t bother me. I was picturing how life in Canada will be different and how I could have a clean new beginning. I felt like I was lucky to have a second opportunity to have a different life. By 2:00AM we finished everything and were waiting for a friend in the lobby, who was already waiting. I know, I haven’t slept for hours, but I believe this is worthwhile. I didn’t get to sleep the whole ride to their house. I spent all of my time looking out the window. I could barely see a thing. I... ... middle of paper ... ...nk, everything is normal. I felt isolated. I will always remember during recess period, I can see everybody else having fun except for one person, who was doing her homework and asking questions to the teacher. The person was me. As time pass by, my temporary solution of making myself thing everything is normal became permanent. Now, I am adjusted to life in Halifax, Nova Scotia. But I will never forget the memories I left during my first days of school. It had been a great ride. Today, I am the person who spends most of the time doing school work, research and other activities containing educational purposes. For others, it isn’t normal for a child or teen to be like it. In my opinion, this is how I have fun. Today, I still feel the same way sometime. But I know what happened in my past starting my first day of school at Park West had shaped who I am today.
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