My Grand Canyon Experience

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Into the Wild: My Grand Canyon Experience Earlier this summer, my Mom decided it would be a fun idea to hike the Grand Canyon. After four hours of sitting in a plane and another four hours sitting in a car, we finally passed the “Grand Canyon National Park” sign. It was verging on dark, and the sun peeked just over the flat, desert horizon, slowly disappearing past the endless line in the sky. We quickly checked into our room in the hotel, unpacked our overstuffed suitcases, and zipped on outside to get a good view of the famous gash in the earth’s surface. As I went outside, I could feel the coolness of the air on my skin, the fresh smell of desert nature coursing through my nostrils. The wind had picked up, and was now whistling through what little trees there were, covering the chirping chorus of crickets and other insects hiding for the night. Suddenly, my hat blew off my head, and I hastily sprinted to recover it. My mom requested, “We should go on a walk around a little bit of the canyon before it turns dark,” just as I finally caught my hat.…show more content…
While the two of us quickly got our sweatshirts on, my brother, my sister, and my mom started along without us. As soon as we were done changing, we jogged to catch up to them, with the vast crater of the Grand Canyon on our left, and forested desert on our right. The trail we were on was meant to show the layers of rock throughout the millenias. “6.5 Million Years - Limestone” “6.4 Million Years - Quartz” and so on and so forth. Time seem to slow down as we jogged, yet it felt more like seeing the world from a different perspective. Seeing history one step at a time, passing the rocks as if they were major points of significance in history. It felt as if I had been there jogging around the Grand Canyon for an Eternity, watching time fly by one million years at a time, slowly decreasing down to 0. The

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