Neoclassical School Of Criminology

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Criminology is the study of criminals and crime, but more importantly, why individuals commit a crime and why they behave differently in certain situations. When this is understood, methods of preventing and controlling crime are discussed and put into practice. There are several different theories explaining why people commit a crime, but the ones that I will be focusing on are the theories in the neoclassical school of criminology: Rational choice theory and the Routine activity theory. The aim of this essay is to attempt to discuss the contribution of the neoclassical school of criminology to crime and crime prevention through the use of explanations and critiques of the different theories.
The Classical school of criminology was a development
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The central claim of the approach is that if a crime occurs, the following three elements must be present; a person must be motivated to commit the offence; a vulnerable victim must be available; and insufficient protection to prevent the criminal offence. It also states that crime is normal and depending on the circumstances, crime will occur. The crimes that are considered to be crimes that are committed by regular people are: copyright infringement, related to peer-to-peer file sharing, employee theft and corporate crime. The routine activity theory is based on the assumption that crime can be committed by anyone given an opportunity and that victims are given choices on whether to be victims by mainly not placing themselves in situations where crime can be committed against them. Although this theory is controversial among criminologists who believe in the social causes of crime, a routine activity theory can help us understand crimes such as corporate crime, copyright infringement, etc. Crime occurs when offenders are at the same place as the target, without an effective guardian. If one or more of the controllers is present, however, the chances of crime are greatly reduced. The effectiveness of the people involved will depend, in part, on the tools they have available. Taking away or adding certain elements will alter the chances of
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