Negative Effects Of Homeschooling In School

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Homeschooling and classroom education in the U.S: the negative effects of homeschooling on teenagers in the U.S.

Shatlyk Penayev

Academic Writing


Date: March 30, 2016

Education is the most vital aspect of young teenagers ' development. Parents pay significant attention to their children’s education. They are concerned about the knowledge that their children acquire in classrooms, thus, they generated a new, alternative system called homeschooling which gained popularity back in 1970’s (Wetzel, 2012). Though, the question is yet to be argued: can homeschooling provide broad, interactive and nationally recognized education to young teenagers in the U.S.?
This would have never come to my mind until I met my American friend at church, whom I had only seen at church but nowhere else. He is homeschooled, along with 2 million Americans (Wetzel, 2012). According to the study by Lawrence M. Rudner, the national averages of academic achievement of homeschooled
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Dr. Ray’s nationwide research indicates that more than 90% percent of the parents do not hold valid, government approved teaching certificates (2009). Whereas, all teachers, both public and private, have those certificates, and are taught, trained and certified to teach each certain aged students (“Home Schooling” 2011). Since the quality of education neither monitored nor regulated by the government, it is doubtful to trust the quality of education that parents provide to their children (“Home Schooling”, 2011). Teachers and administrators firmly control the quality of education they provide to students. They are concerned not only with the academics, but also with the engagement of the students in extracurricular activities at the school. Therefore classroom education is able to provide socialization, which is an important aspect of youth

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