Negative And Negative Effects Of Immigration

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I’m watching my Mexican parents struggle with the American society. They wanted a better life for me, so they decided to come live in the United States. The United States is one of the best countries to live in due to its economic stability and this is why many people come to America. But the American people make it difficult for immigrants, like my parents, to live in America’s society. Immigration is happening now and some of its extreme effects are occurring in the United States. How are people supposed to face immigration and how are Americans supposed to react? Many people in America are threatened by immigration and they seem to be destined to make the lives of immigrants impossible. Eventually, they believe that immigrants are affecting their country negatively, by not helping our economy, and are trying to push immigrants out of their country. But imagine the country of America without immigrants. Many Americans want to live without immigrants, but they need to face the fact that America is a country where help is given to anyone.…show more content…
There are different ways that immigrants effect the economy of America negatively. The main effect comes from undocumented immigrants, in which they mainly receive their profits in cash, so they are not subject to federal tax deduction according to Andrew Wallace on The Immigration Debate. Some undocumented immigrants, do pay federal taxes because they have fake information and they barely earn anything that their contributions are insignificant. Many American people argue that these immigrants are making the government lose money because they receive benefits from education to health care. In reality though, the government is not losing money because much of what the undocumented workers earn is cycled back into the economy by their purchases and low rages making prices to be cut for American
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