Native Americans and Their Contributions to the Advancement of Health and Medicine

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Native Americans and Their Contributions to the Advancement of Health and Medicine Stories of Native Americans contributions to the advancement of health and medicine traces were discovered in a small town in Nali, Africa. The very first onset of the beggining of modern pharmacology is the substance called "quinine". This is the substance that came from a bark of a tree that grew in high elevations. The Indians has been using this substance to cure malaria, cramps, chills, hear-rythm disorders and many other ailments. Prior to the disovery of quinine, the old world suffers enormously because the lack of medical knowledge that the old world posess. Quinine would have probably been introduce somewhere in 1630, as it was mention in a belgian medical text. Quinine made extensive settlement in America possible due to the fact that it cures malaria better than any other medicine and because its potent medicinal values. Until recently, quinine has been sold in Timbuktu as a medical tonic that promotes vitality and refreshments drink. This Indian tonic is apearant through out the city of Timbuktu in Africa. It`s a relic of a long line of deriratives tonics sold in the ninteenth and early twentieth century as a cures for all known imaginable ailments. There were realtive of the tree that provide quinine also cure amoebic dysentery and lethal infection of the intestine. Amoebic dysentery is a disease that cause by ingestions of certain amoebes, the symptoms range from bloody diarrhea to high fever. Ipecac is a medincine the Indians of the Amazon had created using three to four yearl old cepahlaelis ipecacuanla and c. acuminia plants to cure intestinal infections that is deadly among children. Up till now, poison clinic through o... ... middle of paper ... ...oncoctions drink which later in the century it became known as the famous Coca Cola drink. The Indians discovery of roots and bark that taste bitter and spice led to the development of Dr. Pepper that we know of today. So in coclusion, as discussed in this chapter from beggining to the end. Without the inovations, discovery, knowledge, expertise and experience that the Indians had contributed to the medical world, the advancement in medical knowledge that we know of today migh not be matured or largely evolve. Their cures and medicine had travel all over the world and whereever it goes it fully integrated into cultures. But soon the medicine is also taken for granted and soon people forget that if the contributions had not been there in the beggining , the old world doctors, pharmacist and dentist wouldn`t have expand or creates medicines that we use of today.

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