National Honor Society Character Essay

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Nominees were asked to try and write about one experience, which proves quite difficult and uninteresting. It's much more interesting to discuss the value of the "pillars" of the National Honor Society. One thing defines us in life. One thing that outshines service, leadership, and even scholarship. In fact, without this thing, the other three are irrelevant. Character. Character carries us through our lives. It gives motivation and strength. It gives love and hate. It gives decisions of yes or no. Character is most important to me. It is character that literally defines all of us. Character is more than being kind and polite. If everyone's character could be summed in that way of unkind or kind and polite or impolite the world would not be interesting anymore would it? The world is interesting and so is everyone else, all because of character. …show more content…

This character has helped me in many situations, which as mentioned earlier, proves difficult to narrow down to one instance. When I was younger, this character told me to join Boy Scouts in first grade. At the time it just seemed like a fun thing to do, but the lessons I learned throughout the now ten or so years are invaluable to me. Scouts in fact shaped my character to be polite and kind, helpful and friendly, and self-sufficient. My character grew then to contain another pillar, leadership. This leadership made me an Eagle Scout in 2013 and led to make a decision that ultimately challenged my character and run for class president for my tenth and eleventh grade year. My character told to fight for one cause, for one source of my happiness and motivation and that was my classmates. Character allowed me to make that decision that I do not and will not ever regret, not for one

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