Narrative: How to Make a Portrait

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In the middle of the night I was rummaging every corner of my cabinet, seeking for materials to secretly draw another birthday card for my mom. I did this for her yearly, and she had always been happy. Pencil, eraser, colored papers, crayons, markers, a portrait – all materials were ready. “A portrait?” It must have been hiding behind the colored papers layer all the time. And a flow of memory took me back to my first drawing class nine years ago. Miss Huong, my teacher, cheerfully welcomed me when I arrived. Having settled in my seat, I glanced at a big blackboard, saw the prompt “Draw anyone”, and smirked because I had been drawing hundreds of portraits of characters from Japanese comics, and selling them to my friends for some extra money. I confidently grabbed my pencil and started sketching. “Hoang, put away your pencil and eraser. Those things are not allowed in my class,” – suddenly said Miss Huong. “But how can I fix the errors I may make then?” “You can grab a new paper and start another one.” Because I always sketched with pencil, erased unnecessary parts and colored carefu...
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