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  • Not a Pencil

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    “Not a Pencil” Everyday millions of people around the world use some form of writing. When they send an e-mail, sign a check, or read a billboard these people are utilizing a technology that has been around for centuries. Like the wheel, writing is hardly ever viewed as a technology when compared to HD televisions, cell phones, and X Box. However, the way people write and what they use to write are more complex technologies than they seem. For nearly as long as writing has been around there

  • Macromolecules - Graphite in Pencils

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    could be used to write documents or letters. However, they were inefficient as they can break easily, they do not last as long as pencils do, and they are typically not erasable. Until 1795, Nicholas-Jacques Conte invented the modern pencil everyone know today [M. Popova, n.d.], which solved many of the inconveniences caused by the prehistoric pencils. The modern pencil used nowadays contains a material in the centre of the long, thin, wooden pipe, called called Graphite [EnchantedLearning, n.d.]

  • Pencil Listeni: Use And Use Of A Pencil Listeni

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    A pencil Listeni/ˈpɛnsəl/ is a writing implement or art medium constructed of a narrow, solid pigment core inside a protective casing which prevents the core from being broken or leaving marks on the user’s hand during use. Pencils create marks by physical abrasion, leaving behind a trail of solid core material that adheres to a sheet of paper or other surface. They are distinct from pens, which instead disperse a trail of liquid or gel ink that stains the light colour of the paper. Most pencil

  • Everything about Pencils

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    blurry. Then, I remember I had a pencil with an eraser. I turned that pencil around so the eraser was pointing directly towards the paper and the lead was pointing to the ceiling and I erased my error like no man had erased an error on an exam before. Quickly my mistake vanished and I was able to write down the correct answer. A couple of months later I got my score. I had passed the exam. The pencil had once again saved the day and I began to appreciate and love the pencil. Am I different from any other

  • The Use Of Pencils As Weapons

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    more than 1,000 students are seriously injured per year during school violence in California alone. ( In most cases of serious injury, weapons were involved, including common school supplies such as pencils and pens. Historically, the school systems response to possession of weapons on campus has been at the very least confiscation of said weapons and suspension of the possessor, more commonly expulsion of the possessor and occasionally the bringing

  • Waving his Withering Pencil as if it were a Pirate's Cutlass

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    Waving his Withering Pencil as if it were a Pirate's Cutlass There have been precious few consistencies in my life, very few things I have been able to hold on to for stability. When people ask me where I’m from it is impossible to tell them with any degree of accuracy. My parents split up when I was four, and from that time I have never lived in the same place for more than two years. I attended over twenty different schools before I graduated high school. I’m thirty years old and I have

  • Investigatiing Whether the Thickness of Lead Inside a Pencil Affects the Resistance

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    Investigatiing Whether the Thickness of Lead Inside a Pencil Affects the Resistance Aim The aim of this investigation is to find out whether the thickness of a lead inside a pencil affects the level of resistance when connected to and electrical circuit. Prediction I think that lower resistance will be shown in the results from pencils with thinner lead because the current will ba able to pass through the lead easier. Preliminary Test Our preliminary test was for the purpose

  • Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, and Disposal of the Tingonderoga Numeber 2 Pencil

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    number two pencil. Although the number two pencil looks like a simplistic utensil, its production involves a meticulous machining process. Making a pencil begins with a mixture of graphite, and a smaller amount of clay and water. Graphite is produced using carbo... ... middle of paper ... ...ion. But in the end the disposal of the number two pencil is much easily taken care of then the extraction and production of the materials necessary to produce it are. Bibliography 1) "I, Pencil: The Movie

  • Pencil

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    It all began with me; When the piercing tip made contact with the coarse untainted expanse. It was the beginning of the intimate connection between the creator, the instrument and the canvas which formed swift, coursing curves on the page. Graceful and delicate at first, the force increased as he traced already existent lines, deepening their shade, making them more prominent. He was of older age. I felt his hand quiver whilst trying to sustain a firm yet fluid hold as he illustrated the miniscule

  • The Pencil Box

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    THE PENCIL BOX Nobody liked Jane. As soon as Emily Sweet found that copy of Anne of Green Gables—a three-hundred-page-long book! —in Jane's faded purple kindergarten backpack, that was it. Any hope Jane had for a normal life, for swing on the swings, for making a life long friend, someone to share secrets and giggles with, someone to teeter totter with, was over, because nobody likes the smart girl. Nobody likes someone who totes a three hundred page long book to read on the bus. That