The Use of Narrative in Film

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The Use of Narrative in Film The use of Narrative in film and other forms of media is commonplace; it has become such that the media viewer has not only come to expect it but rely on it somewhat. There are two elements in narrative film today that combine in the engaging of the audience; 'story' and 'production' elements. One example in the Australian film industry of the use of production and story elements in such a way as to engage the audiences' attention is the film 'Two Hands'. The film Two Hands was directed in 1999 by Gregor Jordan, a then virtual nobody. The film boasts an all-Australian cast and is full of Australian humor and irony. It is a film that was loved by critics and the public alike and has been affectionately dubbed 'The Australian answer to Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'. The film isn't your standard linear narrative in the sense that the beginning, middle and end don't necessarily go in that order. Synopsis In the film the lead character Jim (Heath Ledger) gets himself mixed up with Pando (Brian Brown) and his gang of King's Cross thugs when $10,000 of Pando's money goes missing, money that Jim had been given to deliver. Jim is then forced to rob a bank in a desperate attempt to replace Pando's money however he still manages to fall in love with the sister of one of his friends, Alex (Rose Byrne). THE OPENING SEQUENCE The opening sequence to the film establishes through both Production and story elements the following: By showing us the characters of Pando and his gang in what appears to be a secluded section of scrub late at night, holding a bloodied and bruised Jim at gun point sets the scene for the genre of film we are about to see. The lighting, more accurately the lack of proper li... ... middle of paper ... ...l of the storyline elements from the opening sequence that were left unanswered have now been explored if not resolved. The next scene, the scene after Jim returns to his apartment and is seen at the airport with Alex is another example of storyline elements being resolved. The way in which the pair were portrayed in the Kings Cross scene implied that their relationship in the film would be more than just friends. The assumptions from the scene in the cross made by the viewer have been developed as the movie progressed. To conclude I would simply like to add that all the things I have been talking about have been purposefully put into the film. None of these things have been done so accidentally as it was the Director, Gregor Jordan's intention to make the viewer more interested through incorporating the aforementioned combination of Production and Story elements.
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