Narrative Essay: Halloween: It Is Halloween?

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“It’s Halloween!”
I woke with a thrill, because today was Halloween. My mother and I were going to stich my costume where as my father and brother are decorating the yard.

I went downstairs and to my surprise, the house was completely dark. Windows closed and curtained, not a sound could be heard. I silently walked down the stairway. Every step I took created a creaky sound of the wooden steps. I just looked down towards the hallway and saw two glooming red eyes in the dark. I was horrified. As I reached in the main room, everyone screamed and scared the hell out of me! They turned on the lights.
“Oh my god! You all scared me! You shouldn’t be doing this.”
“Hey, just chillRiley. After all it is Halloween!” said my mother and everyone started …show more content…

We all started working together. I started stitching my costume. I was making it in a witch’s costume.
“Daddy! I need a hat, a long pointy nose and a broom. Can you please get me that?”
“Yeah sure honey.” So, my dad and brother went to buy some goodies and chocolates for Halloween.
My costume was half done when I remembered that I had to make the pumpkin bowl in which I needed to store my treats.
So, off I went to buy it. I bought a spider shaped basket. It was cute.
All the preparations were going on and I was lost in some kind of weird thoughts. Last year when I went to ‘trick or treating’, there was a house. I don’t know if it was decorated in that way, or it actually was a haunted house. There was something sinister about this house. I was with my friend Bethy. She was as petrified to enter it as I was. But somehow we went in there. It was a long way to the house, all dark and

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