Haunted House Essay

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My Frightening Experience with my First Haunted House When I was younger I couldn’t imagine going to a haunted house with my Uncle Jon, Aunt Sam, and my four cousins Khristian, Jazmine, Felicity, and Lizzie who seem to not be afraid of anything when you were eight years old. I can because it happened to me. It seemed like I was the only one nervous on the drive up to the terrifying haunted house. As we got closer and I could tell this was going to be an eventful night. On October 27th, 2011 I went to a haunted house, the outside didn’t look that scary because it was just this big garage shed that was gray and looked rough. The side of the garage looked irregular because the shed wasn’t painted that well because even in the dark I could…show more content…
I walked ever so quietly hoping that no one would hear me so they wouldn’t pop out. My understanding was wrong because right when I thought that a girl dressed as a creepy doll with her hair in pigtails started singing. She got up, followed me and sang Ring Around the Rosey really creepily. Jazmine and Felicity were screaming so much, but I have to admit I was crying and screaming a lot too. Aunt Sam got really annoyed and asked a guy with a hammer if he could hit her in the head with it, she knew it was plastic but she still asked. Of course he said no because if he did that he could get into a lot of trouble. There was a large bump in the ground and the heel of her boot got snagged and it broke. As we approached a turn in the haunted house I got kind of frightening but yet happy. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I could hear children and adults talking loudly and some even crying after the experience in the haunted house. Felicity, Jazmine, Aunt Sam, and I were all glad that the haunted house had come to an end. I heard Khristian, Lizzie, and Uncle Jon come out laughing. Uncle Jon went up to Aunt Sam and asked, “What’s wrong with you
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