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The living room was dark and the only thing you could see was the brightness of the TV. Also, I could still hear many people talking from down stairs, fire truck siren going off, and the city lights that were still shining bright. At the age of seven, on a cold Friday night in Brooklyn; my mom, cousin, and I started watching some scary movies since it was around Halloween. There was this movie called “Child’s Play” and as a child, I didn’t like the movie at all due to the fact that there was an ugly doll that was moving and killing people. During, that weekend it was showing marathons all weekend long since it was the Halloween weekend. The bed was pulled out with all the warm blankets and snacks besides us waiting for the move to start. When the movie finally, started the scene started out very pleasant! The sun was shining, the little boy and his mom was happy, the birds were flying it was just a good day that they was having. Then, all of a sudden his mother bought her son a My Buddy doll that says “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” and the doll would just sit still. To me, I thought it was funny looking because the doll kind of look…show more content…
Many teens and adults said it was hilarious to them, while some people thought it was too scary for younger teens and children to watch. Then there were people saying that I was a good 80’s horror movie, although the viewer’s said it was horrible movie. In this movie review site called “Common Sense Media” one of the parents named “Nervous Parent Of Boys” stated that “Not for kids or Teens. Only if your teens are mature. My 15 year old wanted to watch with his friends and it really scared him” (CommonSense). That I can agree with the parent because just looking a wooden doll and seeing it run and tries to kill you will terrify a child or teen real bad. Also, another person in Common Sense Media states

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