Narrative Essay About Grandma Macleod

There was a time, and it was many years ago, now when everything seemed simple. Ask me when everything changed I can almost pinpoint it to when my mother was pregnant with my second little sister. After the loss of the first one, I was reluctant to get attached when mom got pregnant again. I was scared we were going to lose the second one like we did my first little sister. One thing I loved about my parents were how honest they are with me. Even though grandma MacLeod does not approve, they never kept me out of the loop. Grandma Macleod thinks I’m too young and I should not know “grown folk’s business.” That’s one thing I do not like about grandma Macleod she is still living in the past. When moms water broke, she was the first to start complaining.…show more content…
We have been living with her since the depression hit, mom and dad thought it would be a good idea since money was running low. We had to let go of our workers to save money. Living in this house has always given me a weird feeling. It feels like I’m living in the past. Grandma keeps everything the same, the couch is still in the same as before we moved in. I’m not allowed to play in the house like I was before when we had our own house. A part of me is sad but another part of me also feels sorry for my grandmother. Just like mommy grandma lost a child, my uncle Roderick. Though it has been years she has not moved on. I think she keeps everything the same because it reminds her of uncle Roderick and grandpa Macleod. While my parents were away at the hospital grandma was telling me about her old luxurious life “we had resident help in those days, of course, and never had less than twelve guests for dinner parties. When I had tea, it would always be twenty or thirty. Never any less than half a dozen different kinds of cake were ever served in this house. Well, no one seems to bother much these days. Too lazy, I suppose” (Laurence 49) she…show more content…
I never understood why grandma stayed bitter until now. When I asked if she thinks mom is going to be okay, she responds she does not know. She reminds me that life goes on. I feel like my whole world is collapsing, and as I look at her I knew she was right but, at the same time I was scared I was going to end up like my grandmother. Yes, life went on but grandma is still trapped in the past. When dad came home from the hospital she announces she has hired a new help. Dad has told grandma countless times why they had to cut down on the help but she refuses accept the fact, rather than helping herself. I am scared. I am scared I might lose another little sister. I am scared I might lose my mother. I am scared I might lose my

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