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The New York City Fire Department’s opportunities are to increase diversity and to improve fire prevention and safety education. Increasing diversity is considered an opportunity because it will continue to advance and support initiatives in the recruitment, retention and promotional advancement of men and women of diverse backgrounds in the fire protection, emergency medical services and as the civilians who work in headquarters division. The variety of differences between employees in an organization is workplace diversity. These do not only include differences such as race, ethnic group, gender and age. Personality, motivations, passions, experiences and talent are other forms of diversity employees have to offer. A top priority of the department is to continue to expand its successful efforts to diversify its uniformed workforce through its recruitment unit and various recruitment programs. The percentage of young men and women of diverse background entering the Fire Academy has been increasing steadily. The department’s latest recruitment campaign was tremendously successful, with minorities representing 38% of those who passed the written Firefighter’s examination. The most recent probationary Firefighter class graduates represent the most diverse class in the history of the Fire Department with 35% minority representation. Allowing their employees of diverse backgrounds in the fire protection, emergency medical services and as the civilians who work in headquarters division to express their view points, grants the opportunity for a larger pool of ideas and experiences to choose from. Employees with different backgrounds bring different talents and suggestions to problems. If the workplace is not diverse, problem-solving co... ... middle of paper ... ...tinue to allow The New York City Fire Department to handle all demands of a largely unique, dynamic city to continue to serve and protect the live and property of all New York residents and visitors. It is The New York City Fire Departments one hundred forty five year history of courage, compassion and commitment of service, bravery, safety, honor, dedication and preparedness to all of New York City. Works Cited • Shacknai, Daniel, Meta B. Ribowsky, Francis X. Gribbon, and Stephen Antonelli. FDNY Strategic Plan 2011-2013. Ed. Janet Kimmerly. New York: FDNY, 2011. FDNY Intranet. Web. 03 Mar. 2014. . • Fire Department City Of New York Annual Report 2012/2013. Rep. New York: FDNY, 2013. Print. • Turk, Sarah. "Ambulance Services in the US." IBISWorld. N.p., Oct. 2013. Web. 7 Mar. 2014.

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