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  • Ambulance Safety

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    force of EMS that the dangers of driving or of being a passenger in an ambulance are understood and many times this may be too late. Photographs and descriptions of the dangers may be displayed but with no training other than on the job road testing and video and written exams bad habits and lax behavior may be too ingrained in the individual. While an emphasis on education is needed a far larger concern may be the ambulances themselves. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety

  • Emergency Siren Vehicle (Dorset Ambulance)

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    Emergency siren vehicle (Dorset Ambulance) Introduction Each and Every-day occurrence for many drivers they here sound of an emergency vehicle siren, that might be from an ambulance, police car or fire engine. Emergency siren vehicle transportation is allowed after you had a sudden medical emergency, when your health is in danger conditions. When emergency siren is heared by drivers or passengers they look across and they will try to check from which way the sounds are approaching. There should

  • Ambulance Drivers during World War I

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    Ambulance Drivers during World War I World War I allowed for the emergence of many new types of warring equipment. The airplane proved to be very useful and successful. The armored tank became an integral part of an army. However, one of the many new innovations that is frequently overlooked is the introduction of the ambulance. Even though ambulances were used as early as the 1480’s, they were first predominantly used in World War I. The main reason for this is the advent of the automobile

  • Case Study: London Ambulance Service Fiasco

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    October of 1992, the new computer aided dispatch system of the London Ambulance Service (LASCAD) failed to meet the demands of use and brought their operations to a standstill. Dispatchers could no longer locate ambulances, multiple ambulances showed up for the same calls, errors built up in the queue slowing the system down further, and callers became frustrated as the hours went by with no ambulance showing up (London Ambulance Service Unofficial, n.d.). In addition, it has been targeted for causing

  • The Use of Helicopters for the Primary Purpose of Air Ambulances in World War II

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    Introduction In this paper we will discuss the first documented use of helicopters for the primary purpose of Air Ambulances in World War II. During 1943, the United States, British Commonwealth and the Chinese faced the armies of Japan, Thailand and Indian National Army. The Burmese Independent Army started off on the Japanese side, but later switched sides fighting with the allied forces. Under the control of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the United States made a decision to support the Chinese

  • Munsang St. John Ambulance and Nursing Cadet Divisions

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    1000 members counts later, I am honored and elated to be part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Munsang St. John Ambulance Cadet Division and the Munsang Nursing Cadet Division. I was the lucky appointed one, to be the founding Nursing Cadet Division officer alongside the late Mr. Denis Kin Man Yeung, the founding Ambulance Cadet Division officer in 1981. The Ambulance and the Nursing Cadet Divisions were formed because of the demanding needs for first aids services on a daily basis and

  • Annotated Bibliography

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    information from the medic’s ePCR (electronic patient care reports) and CAD(computer assisted dispatch) system to identify these individuals so that the most appropriate resources may be dispatched. Before an abuser is able to call again for an ambulance , a social worker might be sent along with law enforcement to investigate the underlying circumstance of why this patient is activating the emergency medical response system so often. Once an investigation has been completed the social worker will

  • The Medical Advancements of WWI

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    invention of the ambulance. The First World War had many casualties and deaths, many of these deaths were not caused by the “invisible soldier”. Most of the injuries in the war were caused by large explosions and gunshot wounds. With the invention of the ambulance, many soldiers were aided sooner rather than later, resulting in their lives being saved. At first Ambulances encountered many problems that made them more of a hindrance then a help. Since there was no “standard” ambulance almost all of

  • Becoming A Paramedic

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    order to take the paramedic course the college may require certain prerequisites to take the class. Common community colleges require taking medical terminology classes as well as some on the job training such as job shadowing in a hospital or an ambulance. But to be a paramedic the student must complete the courses in this order; Basic EMT, Inte... ... middle of paper ... ... paramedics may be exposed to diseases as well as violence from drug overdose victims or mentally unstable patients. “Paramedics

  • Emerging Aviation Technology

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    Emerging Aviation Technology Over the past one hundred years, aviation has allowed the United States to make huge technological advancements. These advancements have shaped and influenced the American culture in a positive way, providing Americans an enriched, productive way of life. From the first flight of the Wright Brothers in December, 1903, to the Rocky Mountain Airshow in August, 2013, one can observe how aviation technology has advanced over the years. The Rocky Mountain Airshow in August