NT1310 Contract Case Study

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o The building will be located in an unclassified area. o There was a discussion on the scope clouds and contract numbers. Several of the contract drawings will be used for overlapping contracts and so the clouds and notes have been implemented to delineate between them. This project is 9959-5, so the clouds illustrating work under a different contract are not in this scope of work. o The PLC scope includes all hardware, internal wiring and specified external wiring. Programming, software and integration will be done by others. The successful bidder is expected to verify the functionality of the PLC system, wiring, interconnections, and etc. during pre-commissioning. o A discussion of the intent of asterisks on the conduit and cable bubbles – It was noted that the asterisk shown on the conduit/cable schedule serves to indicate that they are…show more content…
The blocks will be provided by others. o Identified the scope pertaining to conduits and cable on E34D and E36C. Certain conduit/cables numbers have been provided with a note explaining that the 9959-5 contractor will provide only the conduit installation with the cable furnished and installed by others. o A discussion of the overall building layout – It was explained that the building size currently shown on the drawings is set per the equipment shown within. If bidders were to provide different equipment, the building size may increase or decrease accordingly. o Toshiba is included on the VFD list of approved vendors. o A discussion on the HVAC heat loss calculations and miscellaneous supports. It was explained that the drawings showed an estimated tonnage, but the bidders were to size their units per their own calculations. The dual HVAC units as shown on the drawings represent N+1 redundancy as large VFDs are part of the building
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