My Views on Teaching

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Education is a simple word, but analyzing this word is more profound because it can last forever in their lives of the students. There will be different philosophies of education in this paper that will be discuss. Every philosophy perspectives that teachers have chosen for the students it is important because it can depends on their teaching strengths and effectiveness. The goal of any philosophy could be that every student would be able to succeed in their lives. The students are not alike, but most of them have similarities. For a teacher she/he needs to find a philosophy that works for the majority of the class. It is great to have a variety of the philosophies in the classroom since every philosophy could help to every student.

Education on a child includes many people during this process. The first people would be the parents. The parents would be playing the most important job in the process. They would have the option to send their children to school when they are young. The School should be prepared to give education to the children to make a difference in their lives. The teacher it is the second most important because she will be responsible to accommodate every student needs, goals and educate them to succeed in their lives. Students should know why education it is important in their future, if they already know they would be able to keep their education until they have achieved their goals. It is important for the students to have the desire of going school, this will help them to learn and enjoy the school. They would enjoy school when they have found something interesting or something that they can focus on something that they really like to do. If they don’t want to study, they would never find a reason to stay...

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...m should be including the subjects where the students should know at their own stage of development. It also should have different teaching techniques to meet the students needs. If the teacher tries different teaching techniques then it would be more easy to know which one works better for the most students of the class. Link (2008) state that Essentialists believed that education should be rich in basic curriculum content and the need for stricter discipline in the educational environment.


Being a Teacher is the most wonderful job of the world. Seeing the students to smile, work, happy to learn, is the best pay that someone can give to a teacher. The only thing that matters is to see that a students would meet their goals and would be prepared for the future. Having different teaching techniques is for the diversity of the students that in a school have.
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