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experience to go places and see things where something historical or amazing happened, or to see a view so wonderful that I cannot even grasp its beauty. When I travel I have enormous amounts of me time. It’s nice and peaceful. I can lose all my worries in the many different and beautiful places I visit.

The most enjoyable and extensive trip I have taken so far was in 2001 when I was ten; I traveled all over the USA for five weeks! Everything about the trip was enjoyable. Even getting ready was enjoyable. I had to take into consideration the multitude of different circumstances I would be in such as the weather, places I would visit, and what I would be doing. Then I assisted my mom and grandpa to pack all the other stuff we needed like food, coolers, maps, and accessories for the car. It sounds like a lot of work but, as a little kid, I immensely enjoyed helping to get ready for the trip. My anticipation of this trip was great. I could not get it off my mind. My family was the same way. Whenever I would go to the store with my mom, I would always be asking her if we needed anything for the trip. I really started to annoy her. Finally, when my family and I left I could not wait to get on to the highway, then I could not wait to get sixty miles down the road, and so on. I did not actually feel like I was on the trip until we were many hours from our house.

I visited many places in those 5 weeks but the most memorable places were The Gateway Arch, Oregon, Redwoods National Forest, Yellowstone National Park, and The Grand Canyon. The Gateway Arch is an amazing feat. It stands at its peak 665 feet tall. I had such a blast there. At the top of the arch there is a room with windows you can look through over the whole of St.Louis. What...

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... picture is worth a thousand words then the sight of these places is priceless. If you have been to these places you no doubt feel the same way I do. I will all ways remember these amazing places, and when I see a picture that tries to capture the beauty of these places that I have been too, I will see those places in my head the way I saw them in person standing on the edge of The Grand Canyon observing the Colorado River continuing to carve the canyon as it has been doing for countless centuries. With the wind flowing smoothly around me, standing inside a massive redwood tree hidden in time and safe from the world, and the cool nights and open spaces with nothing around me except a vast universe above my head. When I am on the road traveling from place to place, I do not seem to have limits. Nothing will ever be better than actually being there.
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