Personal Narrative Essay: The Happiest Place On Earth

This story starts off with some pretty exciting stuff. You want to know what it is you ask? Well I will jump right in so you don’t have to sit there in anticipation. This all started with my mom finding out my cousin was having her wedding in California… What happened after that you ask? Well I’m going to tell you in detail the plan, how the plan was blown up, and how we pulled it off in the end.

My mom found out about my cousin’s wedding and knew that she would have to spend a day in Disneyland because duh that’s the happiest place on earth. She had to execute her plan by making hotel reservations and telling me and my little sister that only her and my grandma were going to the wedding. In the long run we would all be going and spending a day in our favorite vacation spot. This plan was going great until one day a few weeks before we left I brought home my permission slip for our sixth grade trip to clear creek. My mom thought to herself “well I guess I’m
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One our way there we made a stop to meet up with my mom’s aunt and give her flowers because she was really sick. We also made a stop to see our cousins and play to get energy out. These were just things to help us stay entertained for a little bit before getting back in the car for a long ride. As soon as we got to the hotel we got to go swimming and watch the fireworks from our hotel. That day was one of the best days I have ever had. I was genuinely happy for once. The next day we woke up got all ready in our disney gear and headed for the park. My mom had gotten a call the night before from one of her customers that lives in California saying her husband works there so if we wanted we could get in for free instead of buy tickets when we got there. This was a huge blessing because we really didn’t have the money to go but my mom wanted it to work so she moved some payments around but we didn’t have to worry about it because we got in for

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