My Pursuit of a Master's in Computer Science

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Statement of Purpose “The thirst for knowledge increases with the acquisition of it” –Thomas Carlyle. Our modern world would be inconceivable without computer science. From technology to enterprise administration, medicine to biological science, social and archaeological study –every area of research today need computer science for the evaluation of their facts and figures. Simultaneously the science of processing information by means of computer programs supplies the basis for a functioning world. This conceives a powerful functional relevance, which is precisely what makes the subject stimulating. This advance development of world with the aid of computers fascinated me by creative notions that begin out of the deep involvement by which I proceeded to think about expertise in Computer Science from University Of Illinois Springfield will supply sufficient possibilities to add to my intellectual information and will be first step in the direction of my lifelong aspiration of conceiving certain thing innovative and novel. Undergraduate studies in the reputed college MVSR ENGG COLLEGE, Affiliated to Osmania University near nadergul, provided me a strong foundation for enhancement in the field of Computer Science. The subjects like Design Implementation, Information security, Advanced Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence were in master’s curriculum of Computer Science in University of Illinois that would provide an ample of time to delve into these subjects which are part of my favorite subjects in under graduation ... ... middle of paper ... ...o become a pacesetter in the trade. It is a University where research is an intrinsic part of the department and the entire faculty is highly trained and amicable. This I state from my individual know-how while interacting with many present students at University of Illinois Springfield through email. It is a gathering ground of various social lives and heritage concepts. It will be an eminent opportunity for me to pursue Masters at your esteemed university, which confirms to such high standards in proving educational and research opportunities. I am confident that my energy will be properly channelized for a significant assistance in the milieu of your university. I would be thankful to you if I have been granted the opportunity to pursue my Masters in Computer Science with financial assistance at your University and would be able to justify your faith in me.
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