My Philosophy of Teaching

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My Philosophy of Teaching

The decision to become a teacher was one that I made when I was in the ninth grade. When I entered high school I worked at a summer camp every year with disadvantaged children. The children ages ranged from six years old to sixteen years old. The feeling that I received when I saw that I could make a difference in their lives was so rewarding that I knew I wanted to become a teacher. I grew up as the youngest of six children, finishing high school was very important to my brothers and sisters, but finishing college was never really stressed to them by my mother. Three of my siblings

went to college but they never completed college. For some reason my mom put more pressure on me than she did my siblings and said that I have no choice but to graduate from college. I sat out of school for several years in order to raise my son and my mom continued to tell me everyday that I needed to re enroll and complete my teaching degree.

I feel that as minority it is very important for me to complete my teaching degree, there is a small percentage of minority teachers in the state of West Virginia. I feel that I will be a role model for children of my nationality and for all nationalities, by making a difference in their lives and showing them on a daily basis how important a good education is for all, and especially for minorities. From interacting with children and people in general, I know that most people learn easier from hands on interaction. When I become a teacher most of my lessons will deal with hands on learning. When you are doing something, it is easier to remember and it makes learning a lot more fun. I will also make sure that my classroom is very relaxed and stress free, I have been in school for many years and I know from experience that it is harder for children to learn when the teacher is mean and there is always tension in the classroom, this prevents students from asking questions, and asking for help, which means that it prevents them from learning.

I definitely have the same beliefs as the philosopher Rousseau “Man is essentially good, a “noble savage” when in the “state of nature”, and that good people are made unhappy and corrupted by their experiences in society.
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