My Personal Statement: My Goals For Electrical Engineering

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Growing up, i was always the youngest in the group. At the same time I was able to learn a lot from my older cousins and my older brother by seeing them in middle school and high school. Me being the youngest I always wanted to be better than them at everything we did no matter what it was. Reason being wasn 't because i was the least talented but because i was always the smallest out of the bunch. It was because I never had the chance or the opportunity to show what i can do whenever we played, so no one knew what i was capable of doing. I was always told to stay in school and work out hard and though it made me mad i still continued to push myself thinking, “why do i have to still continue to work out if I can never show what i can do when…show more content…
My education, I grown apart from reading and studying and trying to be more athletic than going for a degree. I feel as if I have been cheating myself by not giving all i can in school but it 's only hurting myself. I always wanted to be an electrical engineering major. Why? I never knew that answer to that, but when people asked me that s what i would say. I liked the way it sounded when telling people that’s what i wanted to study. Electrical engineering is one of the new branches of engineering that deals with technology. I knew that i was always good with new up to date technology. Some of the smartest people were electrical engineers such as George Washington(alternating current), Thomas Edison(light bulb), Nikola Tesla(induction motor), and Guglielmo Marconi(radio). One day i hope to be the creator of something that would still be useful 100 years from now. “These innovators turned ideas and concepts about electricity into practical devices and systems that ushered in the modern age.” If i t wasn’t for people like them, we wouldn’t be progressing with technology as fast as we are right

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