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I am applying for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Solid Mechanics to expand on my study of and experience with materials. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Materials Science and Engineering as an undergraduate at UCLA. I now look forward to moving into graduate study in a field of engineering with a related, but different perspective. Materials Science and Engineering has allowed me to explore both materials and other fields within engineering, contributing to my strong interest in combining my study of Materials Science and Engineering with Mechanical Engineering. I have completed basic coursework in most areas of engineering, learning statics, thermodynamics, basic programming, and circuit design. This has provided a strong foundation to continue graduate study in other engineering disciplines. I…show more content…
I have spent so much time learning about design through the paradigm of materials but now I want to connect mechanical aspects to the knowledge I have already gained. I am particularly interested in the research done by Dr. Drew Nelson, Dr. Sheri Sheppard and Dr. Friedrich Prinz whose work most closely fits my interests. I am interested in doing research in mechanical design as influenced by material usage. I am also looking forward to taking courses such as Imperfections in Crystalline Solids, The Magic of Materials and Manufacturing, and Nanomaterials Synthesis and Applications for Mechanical Engineers to explore topics I have already studied, but from a mechanical engineering perspective. Stanford’s combination of rigor and creativity appeal to me. I have always enjoyed a challenge and get great satisfaction from expanding my knowledge. Coming from a Materials Science and Engineering background where I have performed well, both in academics and leadership, I know I can be an asset to and learn from the world-class Mechanical Engineering program at

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