My Past Made Be A Better, Stronger Me

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My Past Made Be A Better, Stronger Me What made you who you are today? Was it the way you were raised by your parents? Was there a special event in your life that changed your course? Did you read a book or article that molded your perception of how you wanted your life to turn out? In my case, it was the latter; the way my parents raised me. Growing up I had both of my parents in the house. There were very few times I can remember them arguing with one another, and I remember the love they shared with one another. Many would say that I grew up in a bubble; to me however, it was normal. We had the typical modern family; the dad and mom worked and the daughter had her dad wrapped around little baby pinkie from the minute she was born. All things in my life seemed to be perfect. In the blink of an eye in 2001 that changed. In the fall of 2001, I noticed a considerable difference in the vibe around our house. My mom and I started doing more things just us, she started sleeping separately from my dad, and they started snipping at one another. Finally, after Christmas of that year my parents informed me that they were indeed going to be getting a divorce. My entire world came crumbling down. I know, now days that a divorced parent is the norm, but in 2001, it was something that was hear of very much. They let me know that they would wait until after my high school graduation. They wanted to do this so that traveling between two different houses did not disrupt my senior year. However, after they made their announcement things in our household changed. There was more arguing, they stayed as far away from one another as they could (usually with my mom inside and my dad outside finding useless things to do), and if there was a school fu... ... middle of paper ... ...pdad, friends, and my “adoptive” family. After everything, I was able to find love in the spring of 2005. He was the brother of a long-time friend. We got married in July 2008 and now have three beautiful children. In the fall of 2015, I finally was able to return to school to pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse (the degree path I was on when I had to switch). One thing that my past has taught me is that I will love my children unconditionally and no one, I do not care who you are, will come between my children and me. If by some chance, my marriage does not work out and I find myself dating someone they will have to love my children; if they have a problem with my children then they have a problem with me. It is that simple. There should be no power in the world that will make you choose someone or something over the love you have for your children.
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