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My adversities are the catalysts that lead to the enhancement of the opportunities in my life. I believe that my life is constructed with great purpose; a purpose that has caused the hardships I have endured thus far but also a purpose that is the core of my various achievements, a purpose that opens doors for me to support others and gives me the hope of an influential and resourceful future. My past history, present experience at Cardozo SHS and Future plans strengthen my desire to attend college and make me a great candidate for the Esperanza Scholarship.

My early life has led me to where I am today in many different ways. When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with high myopia, an eye condition that causes severe nearsightedness. Three years after my diagnosis, my hospital referenced me to be treated abroad, since my condition was proven to be congenital. Unfortunately, my parents could not afford the cost, so they tried to get me a sponsor by entering me into a non-for-profit German Church School. In this school, I stayed back one year because even though I had finished first grade they only accepted students beginning in the first grade.

With me as her inspiration, my sister, KeAbnesh Girma Zewdie, established the New Vision Children Foundation (NVCF), a New York based non-for-profit, which focuses on bringing medical attention to disadvantaged children with severe visual impairments. As a result, I also became the spokesperson of the foundatio.

Nine years after was entered into German Church School, my sister found me a sponsor in the U.S., separate from the foundation. Because of this, I got a one-year Visitor (B1) visa and attended tenth grade in Brooklyn Preparatory High School. During the school year, I made hono...

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...movement that will enhance the harmony between the positive sides of Ruler and Urban areas by enhancing the industrialization of more Eco-friendly products of any kind.
I have thus far endured through having a severe eye condition, not being able to have the kind of financial support I need from my family and being limited from getting a support from the US government because I am not a citizen or legal resident. But, I have also made both social contributions and academical achievements that have brought purpose to the cause of the hardships in my life. And after being though it all and coming out with a more precise strive for a better future, I face, yet again another hindrance to my plan to study Biochemistry and influence as many lives as I can in a positive way. And, since I need a support in order to reach my goal, that is why I need the Esperanza Scholarship.
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