My Moral Ethical Dilemma

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During my forty-eight years of life I have encountered many morally ethical decisions. Some decisions I have made ethically and then others I have made just for my own selfish interests. Until recently I have never had to make a decision as hard as the one I am about to explain. To start off I must explain my family situation. My parents who are both in their seventies, myself and two younger sisters. I have one son seventeen, and my sisters also have boys. Michele the one closest in age top mine has a four year-old, and Mandy the youngest has two boys ages seventeen and five. Neither of my sister’s children’s fathers are in their life, which makes me my nephew’s male role model. We have always had a great relationship caring for each…show more content…
She tried every possible treatment that was available. Chemo, bone marrow transplant, any medical possibility that there was she attempted. She would still keep her faith and fight for children. During this whole ordeal we would talk about possibilities if something were to happen to her. She had made me executor to her estate. Stating if anything were to happen to her she would like to be buried, and asked me if I could raise her children. What I failed to mention earlier is that her oldest son is a special need child, and that it left her not having a lot financially. With the needs of her children and the cost of treatments she was actually very much in…show more content…
I changed my living situation so that I could accommodate my nephews moving in with me. The situation was a heavy burden for all of us financially which leads to my morale dilemma. For days I struggled on how I was going to afford my sisters burial the burial that she wanted. This left me with my ethically morale dilemma, do I spend all that I have to bury my sister, get a casket, headstone, burial plot? Or do I just have her cremated? I weighed the option, which were of reason rather than emotion. I still had to survive and make sure that her children were taken care of. I also felt a little angry that she would leave all this for me to do not having a plan of any kind. This all in my mind justified having her remains cremated, and with her ashes I got burial necklaces for her boys to have something of hers to hold on to. The money I saved cremating her remains would leave me in a better place to raise her

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