Ethical Importance Of Ethics

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An individual’s moral ethics has to do with his or her conduct, character, and beliefs, which can be learned through his or her life exp0erience, parental teachings, or societies’ influence. In other words, moral ethics tend to define who a person is, how he or she behaves, and makes decision. Consequently, ethics play an enormous role in everyday life, especially since people encounter certain ethical situations, for which they are required to conduct daily activities involving both professional and personal standards of ethical behavior (Pasztor, 2015). Therefore, considering the importance of ethics, in this paper, one will present three different ethical situations and elaborate on how they would be handled.
“Scenario 1: You are the first person to arrive in your classroom and as you sit down you notice an iPod on the floor underneath the adjacent seat. You pick it up and turn it on. It works fine and even has some of your favorite music listed. You realize that you are the only one in the room and no one will know if you keep it. You see other students entering the room so you place the iPod on the floor next to your
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Unfortunately, one cannot live without ethics. However, one can and must live with the consequences of the choices that are made based on one’s moral principles. Ultimately, ethics are a set of rules and standards that define and guide a person’s decision making process in his or her personal or professional life (Business Dictionary, 2016). Ethics is what allows an individual to know and distinguish right from wrong. Although, one’s ethics are of great significance, one must also consider that when dealing with ethical behavior, the outcome of any possible decision making process should and must be carefully taken into account. Especially to avoid affecting other people in a negative manner. For this reason, each ethical dilemma or situation must be handle cautiously and
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