Cemetery Essays

  • The Peaceful Cemetery

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    The Peaceful Cemetery As we enter a cemetery, we might be filled with fear. We may think of dark nights and ended lives. What is a scary and dreadful place is a very meaningful place for me. This place is so meaningful to me because my grandparents on my father's side are buried there. Cemeteries are important to bringing perspective and serenity, because they bring us a connection to where we came from, help us realize the delicacy of life, and they help us to relax a little bit through their

  • Pet Cemetery

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    Pet Sematary Louis Creed is a doctor who moves his family to Ludlow, Maine from Chicago because of a job he accepted as an MD at some University. His family (Rachel, his wife, Ellie, his daughter, and Gage, his baby son) are happy about moving, thought they soon will come to have reservations. Both children are hurt on the first day of the move. Louis makes friends with an old man across the road named Jud Crandall, who promises to show them where the path behind their house leads. It is with

  • Cemetery Prototype Database

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    This prototype database was designed to meet the general needs of users from a range of different backgrounds in relation to cemeteries and graveyards. The scenario is described as follows: A consortium of international archaeological and historical societies has collaborated in funding a multidisciplinary database of international historical graveyards whose history goes back at least 100 years. As the database will be used for research as well as town-planning by a wide variety of people

  • Descriptive Writing Cemetery

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    that leads up a small hill opening into the cemetery. Looking ahead about 15 feet the path ends abruptly. At the top of the hill the path turns left (north). It’s still early spring and the many trees are bare of leaves which allows me to see the whole two acres of the burial ground. From where I’m standing, I can see the end of the cemetery. If not for the tall buildings surrounding me, I would feel elevated and able to overlook the city. The cemetery is a flat piece of land. The west side settles

  • Summary: Grandview Cemetery

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    Cemetery 1: Grandview Cemetery Grandview Cemetery is located on 1528 Leeds Ave. Monessen, PA in Westmoreland County and is owned/run by The Epiphany of Our Lord Church (Grandview Cemetery). The Epiphany Church used to be called St. Cajetan’s and the it is unclear exactly when the parish was founded thus it is not clear when the cemetery was first created either. The best guess that can be made is that it was founded in the late 1800s or the early days of the 1900s. Although it is unclear when the

  • Lewisburg Cemetery Analysis

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    People crave immortality, yet everyone dies. Cemeteries memorialize death, making humans consider their mortality. Burial grounds serve as sacred places for people to mourn loved ones. In a constantly changing world, cemeteries provide a picture of the past, demonstrating cultural and religious views of death. The spatial arrangement of graves and headstones displays prejudices relating to socioeconomic class, gender, and race. The Lewisburg Cemetery presents an incite into the cultural relations

  • The Cemetery Personal Narrative

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    The Cemetery-Personal Narrative I remember it like it was yesterday. Infact, it was yesterday. My parents were leaving for a couple of days, so I could do anything I wanted. I called Amy, a girl I know from school. After we got off the phone, I knew it was time. That night I would be initiated into the group. Amy was going to come over at nine and take me to the cemetery for the ceremony. The clock hit nine, and I looked outside. Amy was walking toward my house, dressed in straight

  • A Description Of Cemetery Visit

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    Cemetery Visit The cemetery visit was very beneficial to me as I needed to do some research for my own family needs as well. Which is why I decided to visit the City of Mesa cemetery located on Central Avenue and Brown. Mesa cemetery was established in 1883 extending over 55 acres of land and built after a smallpox outbreak killed approximately 44 people. The City of Mesa Parks, Recreation, and Commercial department operate the cemetery. My first impression was that it was peaceful and welcoming

  • Maple Hill Cemetery Essay

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    Introduction A local cemetery in southeast Huntsville, Alabama known as Maple Hill Cemetery is the oldest and largest burial ground in the South. Maple Hill Cemetery was established in 1822 after two acres of land were bought from the Leroy Pope. Pope was a very well-known settler, American planter and lawyer in the 19th century. After his passing, he was one of the first to be buried in this cemetery. The graveyard now covers over 76 acres of land (about 58 football fields) and a location where

  • Eco Cemeteries Persuasive Speech

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    Eco cemeteries are becoming one of the most popular choices for people when they die. In this cemetery your body is buried in a biodegradable coffin made from natural products, or your ashes are put into a specialty made urn. The cemeteries are different than other cemeteries because they are populated mainly by wildlife. Basically your body or your ashes are being buried in a national park. Not only does your body and the materials that your coffin is made out of help the soil and help plants grow

  • Arlington National Cemetery

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    One of the most sacred places in America is the Arlington National Cemetery. Each year heroes are laid to rest here. Families from across the nation visit Arlington throughout the year to pay respect to their love ones. Many American hero families who visit the Arlington Cemetery may have been mourning at the wrong grave. Arlington was once the home of George Washington’s adopted grandson, George Washington Parke Custis (“Arlington” 4). Custis adored Washington so much that he wanted to make the

  • The Pride of Blue Springs: The Blue Springs Cemetery

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    gravel sounds under visitors’ shoes. Surprisingly, this is the typical setting of the Blue Springs Cemetery. The cemetery not only serves to house deceased loved ones, but also serves as a symbol of pride to the Blue Springs and surrounding community. The Blue Springs Cemetery, a Gage County Landmark, has a rich history and is an important part of community pride and service. The Blue Springs Cemetery is in the town of Blue Springs, Nebraska, located in the Southeast corner of the state. Blue Springs

  • Arlington National Cemetery Essay

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    being death and the second being America. Arlington National Cemetery is a tribute to all of the fallen heroes, the patriots, the soldiers, the pioneers, all who have cried American tears. I have been forever changed since visiting Arlington National Cemetery and it is a visit that every American should make. The statistics are truly mind-numbing as more than four hundred thousand people have been buried at Arlington National Cemetery since the 1860s. There is an average of thirty funerals a day

  • Poetry Comparison of The Isles of Scilly and At the British War Cemetery, Bayeux

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    Poetry Comparison of The Isles of Scilly and At the British War Cemetery, Bayeux The two poems express grieving for the dead, and both use similar language in some respects in their use of metaphors and language and are very emotional in their content in order to convey the feeling of grief for the large numbers of dead appropriately. Curiously, for two such emotional poems, they both bear very nonchalant and almost clinical titles, both simply naming the place that the poem is about which

  • Arlington National Cemetery Research Paper

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    Arlington National Cemetery The Arlington National Cemetery is a well known tourist attraction that many people visit to honor people that have died in war and have served our country, also many people like to visit the tomb of the unknown soldier. The Arlington National Cemetery is located in Arlington,Virginia. The national cemetery is approximately 624 acres filled with thousands of fallen soldiers. Many people should visit the Arlington National Cemetery it will teach you to respect the soldiers

  • Cemetery Of The Innocent

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    driving down the highway and looking out your car window to see thousands of little crosses stuck in the ground with each cross representing the life of an aborted child. The photo taken of the “Cemetery of the Innocent” gives the statistics of the number of babies aborted in different years. The cemetery was put on President Clinton's route in Cape Girardeau, Missouri after a democratic convention. President Clinton who was Pro-choice during his presidency from 1993-2001 avoided the crosses by taking

  • The Tombstone

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    " What better place to find an object of permanent value than a cemetery. I searched through four museums and could not find anything that peaked my interest into my study of humanities until at last it hit me, a cemetery I had passed countless times as a child that I had never truly thought of at all. At the corner of Cypresswood and I-45 I began to sift into a cemetery that I had no true interest in, or so I thought. The cemetery was home to about sixteen burial plots but one particularly interested

  • The Story of Black Aggie

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    overnight stay in a cemetery. She grew up Christian, and still lives in one of the more rural areas of Maryland with her younger sister and parents, who own and work at an electrical contracting business. Accustomed to hearing many ghost stories and urban legends, she first heard the story of Black Aggie during a middle school slumber party. Late one Saturday night over pizza in our Hagerstown dorm, she was more than willing to share her favorite urban legend with me. In a cemetery in Baltimore there

  • Battle of Gettysburg

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    on both sides, the Federals were pushed back through the town of Gettysburg and regrouped south of the town along the high ground near the cemetery. Lee ordered Confederate General R.S. Ewell to seize the high ground from the battle weary Federals "if practicable." Gen. Ewell hesitated to attack thereby giving the Union troops a chance to dig in along Cemetery Ridge and bring in reinforcements with artillery. By the time Lee realized Ewell had not attacked, the opportunity had vanished. Meade arrived

  • Burial In Ancient Egypt

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    arises a question: was the intramural burial a habit adopted by the Egyptians? The researcher refuses this probability. Although the intramural burial in ancient Egypt can be traced back to the 5th – 4th millennium BC; there are infant burials in cemeteries date back to the same previous period such as that of Adaima, and Riqqa. Thus, it seems that in the same period, some buried their infants within the settlements and others buried them in graves in the